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Translation solutions for the defense industry

Ferdosi Language Services (FLS) is fast emerging as one of the world's most comprehensive defense translation and military localization resources. Weapons platforms and military systems are becoming more complex and sophisticated. We have the experience and know-how to provide customized translation solutions for this highly competitive, regulated and ever-changing industry. We can deliver extremely accurate translations using translation memory tools and databases with the latest technological and military terminology.

Technical documents describing complex mechanical, chemical, electronic, and nuclear systems, methods and processes, as used by engineers, technicians, soldiers, support personnel, suppliers and customers can be translated into all languages.

  • CAD or CAM files

  • Catalogs

  • Training manuals

  • Service manuals

  • Diagnosis manuals

  • User's manuals

  • Technical bulletins

  • CD-ROM's

  • Electronic database files

  • Marketing brochures

  • Corporate web sites

Ferdosi has the experience and track record to deliver projects on time whilst maintaining quality standards. We understand the connection between highly accurate translations and the paramount importance of safety and reliability in the defense industry.

Specialist military translators and terminologies

Our translators are carefully chosen and tested to ensure that only suitably qualified translators, editors and reviewers are applied to your projects.

All translators have access to translation memories, dictionaries and terminologies, ensuring that translation is both accurate and consistent across even the largest projects. We can build teams quickly to support major projects, requiring fast turnarounds.

Project Managers are skilled in both project planning and quality control.


We can accept all file types and deliver ready to publish files where required. Translated data can be designed for both on-line and off-line publishing utilizing SGML, XML and PDF formats.

Additionally, we support most commercial authoring and design applications on both PC and Macintosh platforms including but not limited to:

Microsoft Word                                                Corel Draw
Adobe Acrobat                                                 Macromedia Freehand
Adobe FrameMaker                                          Macromedia Dreamweaver
Adobe Illustrator                                                Macromedia Fireworks
Adobe PageMaker                                            Macromedia Flash
Adobe PhotoShop                                             Quark Xpress


All Ferdosi translators are bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement. Ferdosi takes confidentiality and security issues very seriously. All translations remain confidential.

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