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Indonesian Translation services are available from Ferdosi Language Services from/to English, French, Spanish, German and many other languages.

Language Pairs:

Indonesian>Albanian>Indonesian Indonesian>Azerbaijani>Indonesian Indonesian>Bengali>Indonesian
Indonesian>Bosnian>Indonesian Indonesian>Bulgarian>Indonesian Indonesian>Chinese>Indonesian
Indonesian>Czech>Indonesian Indonesian>Danish>Indonesian Indonesian>Dari>Indonesian
Indonesian>Dutch>Indonesian Indonesian>English>Indonesian Indonesian>Farsi>Indonesian
Indonesian>Finnish>Indonesian Indonesian>French>Indonesian Indonesian>German>Indonesian
Indonesian>Greek>Indonesian Indonesian>Hebrew>Indonesian Indonesian>Hindi>Indonesian
Indonesian>Hungarian>Indonesian Indonesian>Arabic>Indonesian Indonesian>Italian>Indonesian
Indonesian>Japanese>Indonesian Indonesian>Kurdish>Indonesian Indonesian>Norwegian>Indonesian
Indonesian>Polish>Indonesian Indonesian>Portuguese>Indonesian Indonesian>Romanian>Indonesian
Indonesian>Russian>Indonesian Indonesian>Slovenian>Indonesian Indonesian>Somali>Indonesian
Indonesian>Spanish>Indonesian Indonesian>Swedish>Indonesian Indonesian>Turkish>Indonesian
Indonesian>Ukrainian>Indonesian Indonesian>Urdu>Indonesian  


All of our Indonesian translators are mother tongue speakers and where appropriate live in-country. All have a professional translation qualification and will only translate material they are familiar with.

Documents Translated

Websites and Technology, Legal and Contracts, Marketing, Technical documents, Defense material, Medical Material, Manuals and User Guides, Business Documents, Finance, Scientific documents, Personal Documents, Films, Art, Automotive, and many others  

A Complete Service

The aim of our Indonesian Translation service is to ensure that you will only ever have one point of contact for all of your requirements. Regardless of the file type we are able to deal with it and return it in the format you require. On time, on budget and of the highest  possible quality.

You can be sure that when you start dealing with us you will receive our best services.

Ongoing Translation Requirements

For ongoing requirements or large projects we will always go through a translation test phase to ensure we have the right style and all country offices are happy with what we do, on top of which we will set up terminology databases and start to build a translation memory to bring down costs and increase quality.

Indonesian Interpreting Services

We offer international Indonesian interpreting services, available by telephone or on the spot.Currently we have Indonesian interpreters in the United States, some European and South East Asian countries. We do:

Indonesian<>English interpreting
Indonesian<>French interpreting
Indonesian<>German interpreting
Indonesian<>Farsi interpreting
Indonesian<>Italian interpreting
Indonesian<>Spanish interpreting
Indonesian<>Portuguese interpreting
Indonesian<>Russian interpreting
Indonesian<>Swedish interpreting

Indonesian DTP Desktop Publishing Services

Our Indonesian graphics team and DTP specialists are available  for Indonesian DTP services. Our Indonesian DTP specialists work on both PC and Mac platforms, employing state-of-the-art technology.

Localization Services

Our Indonesian translators, graphic artists, and localization engineers work together to deliver effective localization solutions that are culturally appropriate and easily accessible in the target culture. Your translated web site and your localized software will enable you to communicate more directly with your clients worldwide. 

Voice Overs and Subtitling Services

Our professional Indonesian voice-over talent is available for short- and long-term assignments. Our studio affiliates for Voice over use the most advanced equipment and have mastered the specific requirements of multilingual production. 

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