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Information Technology Services

The market competition is forcing organizations to cut down on costs of products. The professional IT services on the other hand are becoming increasingly expensive. The offshore software development model is today where onsite professional services were ten years ago. There is a high chance (almost a mathematical certainty), that in less than ten years, the vast majority of IT services (software development being just one of them) from developed countries, will be, one, outsourced and two, outsourced to an offshore vendor.

The industry is in an expansion mode right now, with dozens of new offshore IT services vendors emerging everyday, the industry has a high probability of being subjected to the 80:20 rule in not too distant a future. In perhaps another ten years, 80 percent of all outsourced offshore development work will be done by 20 percent of all vendors, a small number of high quality, trusted vendors. To become a global leader in the IT industry and retain that position, we need to constantly keep moving up the value chain, focusing on finished products and solutions, rather than purely on skill sets and resumes.

From helping you choose the right solution for your needs, customizing and implementing it efficiently, to developing customized software or providing professional services to meet your other IT services requirements, we bring to you Consulting, Technology and Software Engineering services that are world class.

Since language is not a problem for us, we have clients scattered all over the world: Australia, Japan, Korea, India, Middle East, Europe, and North America. We are a leader in the customisation and implementation of Microsoft Business Solutions. We have implemented and support for clients across the globe. These clients include organizations engaged in diverse business lines and requiring the entire gamut of solutions ranging from financial management, manufacturing, distribution, retail, CRM, services and e-commerce.

The Professional Services practice enables us meet your diverse IT services requirements either at your locations or from our Offshore Development and Services Center.

With our team of highly qualified professionals and computer experts we are at your service 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

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