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Translation is a process based on the theory that it is possible to abstract the meaning of a text from its forms and reproduce that meaning with the very different forms of a second language.
In order to perform their job successfully, translators should meet three important requirements; they should be familiar with:
· the source language
· the target language
· the subject matter
Based on this premise, the translator discovers the meaning behind the forms in the source language and does his best to produce the same meaning in the target language - using the forms and structures of the target language. Consequently, what is supposed to change is the form and the code and what should remain unchanged is the meaning.

By definition, translation is the accurate rendering of a document into another language so that it is suitable for its intended purpose. Consequently, to be effective a translation must not only be complete and accurate, but must also reflect the correct use of grammar, appropriate writing style, and terminology consistent with the subject matter. In other words, the ideal translation should be:
· accurate - reproducing as exactly as possible the meaning of the source text
· natural - using natural forms of the target language in a way that is appropriate to the kind of text being translated
· communicative - expressing all aspects of the meaning in a way that is readily understandable to the intended audience
Upon completion, the ideal translation will be accurate as to meaning and natural as to the target language forms used. An intended audience who is unfamiliar with the source text will readily understand it. The success of a translation is measured by how closely it measures up to these ideals.

Our translators hold advanced degrees, such as MS, PhD, and MD, in many fields of science and engineering, including biomedical sciences, chemistry, electronics, geophysics, medicine, nuclear engineering, and information technology.

All translators are native speakers of the target language with at least five years of experience and have up- to-date knowledge of current usage in their cultures and in their subject areas. We translate to/from 72 languages including all Asian and European languages.

With more than 4200 linguistic professionals and computer experts we are at your service 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

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