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Information Technology Translation

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A large percentage of our business comes from organisations who operate within the information technology sector.

Each year our various translation teams translate hundreds of thousands of words in many languages for various companies in this dynamic and sophisticated vertical market. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes from global bluechips who need regular communications on an ongoing basis to SME's looking to expand their market internationally.

Work within the information technology sector is typically of a technical nature and requires a translation team who not only have the required translation skills but also the correct technical knowledge and experience to undertake the work. Often the work will involve the use of bespoke software applications - something our teams of translators are more than capable of managing.

Typical examples of the work we undertake in this industry and the type of clients we work for include:

Translation of web based internal communications for a large document management organisation
Translation of software support material for a global IT software provider
Translation of web based software stings for an SME providing services to programmers
Translation of terms and conditions for a national software vendor.

Because of the global positioning of many of our clients we often find ourselves working for organisations based throughout the world who need translation services in many languages. A typical assignment for many of our information technology based clients can exceed 35+ languages. For more information on our range of translation services, see other pages or contact us now.


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