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Working with over 2600 highly qualified translators worldwide we are in the perfect position to fulfill all of your translation requirements whether it is a one off project or an ongoing requirement. Every translator will:

  • Translate only into his/her own mother tongue

  • have at least five years experience in translation

  • have a university degree(Our translators have 20% PHD, 30% MA ans 50% a Bachelor degree)

  • Be appropriately qualified in their technical areas

  • Have working industry experience for the material they translate

We will always use translators who live in-country where this is appropriate as language is an evolving entity and therefore any translator who has been out of the country for a reasonable length of time will be unsuitable to translate material for that target audience. The exception to this rule is where the material is aimed at communities living outside of that country. In these circumstances a translator from the target country will be used wherever possible.

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