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Quality is the most important factor when working with a translation agency. It is also one of the most difficult things to quantify.

Choosing a translation agency is not so simple as the level of quality is very difficult to measure. Like any form of writing, translation is very subjective and depends on individual style.

Legal, Medical or other technical documents need to be translated literally and this is much easier to measure in terms of accuracy. In the case of marketing material, websites and other more creative documents a translated document may very well be literally correct but if the essence and company style of the original is lost it may be deemed a bad translation.

At Ferdosi Language Servicess we have a true commitment to quality and the continuous improvement of the service we offer our clients.

  • We select translators according to target language and speciality of text. Our translators must be native speakers of the target language and be professional with respect to the subject of the text.   

  • A sample of translated material is audited by an independent editor to check for spelling errors, correct use of grammar, missing or wrongly translated words. This is compiled into a report and delivered to you on a regular basis

  • Translation memory is applied to material which maintains a consistent style across different documents and versions.

  • A terminology database is built where necessary and maintained by us for all language pairs to guarantee industry or company terminology is correct and consistent at all times

We will commit to guaranteed quality levels but more importantly will commit to improve what we do for you one hundred percent of the time.


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